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Embracing the Campus Experience: How to Make the Most of Your College Years

By: Clara Campbell

Your college years are a fugitive chapter in your life, yet can be some of the most memorable. College is a time of growth and finding yourself while creating unforgettable experiences. As you navigate a world that is unfamiliar to you, it’s important not to get wrapped up in the chaos and not make the most of it. 

Spending time on campus and in new spaces is one of the best ways to do this. It might sound simple or mundane, but it truly is one of the easiest ways to make the most out of your college experience. Your money already goes toward tuition and all the facilities on campus, so why not take advantage of them? 

Living off-campus can instill a habit and comfort of staying home and only going to campus for classes, but doing this will cause you to miss out on the vibrant campus life. Anytime you find yourself sitting at home doing nothing, think about all the things you could be doing surrounded by the camaraderie of your peers. Whether it's sitting on the quad with a good book, doing homework in a student center, or playing pool with friends, the opportunities are endless. You never know what memories could be made or who you could meet just by being on campus. 

Think about it– do you want to look back at your college days and remember a blur of hours and days you spent in your room, or do you want to reminisce about the experiences you had on campus? 

So, the next time you find yourself sitting in solitude at home, stop and consider how you could go explore your lively campus and embrace the opportunities that surround you because you will look back fondly at all the memories you otherwise would not have made.

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