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Tips for Excelling in your First Internship

Internships are a great opportunity to learn all the tricks of the trade while getting hands-on experience. With summer break right around the corner, some of you may be weeks away from heading into your first internship. A first internship can be nerve wracking, but it can be a huge step in your career. In light of starting my first full-time internship as well, I have compiled a few tips!

1. Research the ins and outs of the company

After you accept your offer, it’s time to learn everything you can about the company. Research the clients background, scope of work, and anything else you can find. Learning about the work your company does will give you a better baseline heading into your first assignment.

2. Set goals for yourself

In an internship, learning is the name of the game. Afterall, you want this experience to build not only your experience but your understanding of the field. Before your first day, set a few goals for yourself. Is there a new technique you would like to master? Or a new___? These goals will allow you to reflect upon your work along the way.

3. Designate a mentor

Whether you are a part of an internship team or the company’s only intern, finding a mentor is important. By creating an intentional relationship with an individual in the role you one day hope to be in, you give yourself the opportunity to learn straight from the source. If you aren’t given one within your first week, reach out yourself!

4. Keep busy, stay organized

Keeping busy is important to make sure you get the most experience that you can. However, it is important to make a schedule for yourself. At the beginning of each week, lay out each task you are responsible for. Along with the deadline, give yourself a set time to work on each task. This will help you stay on top of your game!

5. Set up a meeting to reflect upon your experience

At the end of the summer, it’s time to reflect upon your experience. Reach out to your mentor or boss to set up an exit meeting. During this meeting you can go over your work to discuss strengths and points of growth. This will leave a lasting impression on your employer as well.

With these tips up your sleeve, you are sure to thrive in your first internship this summer! Remember, you have earned this experience. Work hard and be sure to take it all in.

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