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The Luck of Public Relations

Luck. Something that each of us might hope we have, but at the end of the day we know that all good things come to those who work hard.

With St. Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish still on our minds, let us consider how much work that is involved within public relations is more than luck.

In public relations, practitioners work with clients to create campaigns that will benefit their organization.

In this article, we will discuss the four-step process of public relations known as Research, Action and planning, Communication, and Evaluation (R.A.C.E.) that is designed to help organizations build mutually beneficial relationships with their publics.

And, just similar to a rainbow that leads to a pot of gold, this process involves many more components than just luck.

In the RESEARCH step, practitioners gather information about the organization and evaluate what problems or opportunities that are present.

In the ACTION AND PLANNING step, practitioners create a plan designed to achieve the goals of the organization.

In the COMMUNICATION step, practitioners work with the organization to build trust between them and their audience.

In the EVALUATION step, practitioners evaluate how well the process has gone and what could be done better in the future.

When done correctly, this process can lead to a well-executed campaign and success for the organization.

However, this process is not lucrative if practitioners base their campaign on luck. Practitioners put in the necessary work for their clients in order to achieve the best results.

From the initial client meeting to work evaluations, there is hard work, countless hours, and many different forms of communication that are involved in a successful public relations process.

Practitioners work with their clients along this rainbow to ensure that each step is successful and that clients reach their goals, or pot of gold!

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