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Thank you, ASTRSK PR

Every day is an experience. You wake up and venture out into your day with hopes to gain a new perspective, a life lesson, or even a tidbit of knowledge that you didn’t start the day with. Life is full of experiences that shape who we are as an individual; the good and the not so good ones. I am just so glad that my summer internship was the best one yet.

ASTRSK PR; It lies on the fourth floor of a building on a small side street in TriBeCa, NYC. Exactly one hour and thirteen minutes from my small hometown in Northern NJ (if I was lucky enough to catch the express train that day). It was my first shot at a real summer internship in PR. It was my first “we want you” response after denial email after denial email. It was my first chance to test my abilities, to learn all the things I “thought I knew” but actually didn’t and it was the opportunity to learn how to commute and see what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about having an actual job.

I have never been one to jump at joining a new environment; let’s face it, we all love our comfort zone. However, looking back, ASTRSK was my comfort zone. I learned so much from the second that I joined ASTRSK. I learned that every single individual truly supported my learning experience. I was not treated as an intern but as a part of the team. It was made known that my work and my effort were invaluable to them (even when it was horrible). I was commended for my successes and guided through my mistakes. I was told when I was wrong, when I failed at a task or when I struggled to complete an assignment effectively. I knew each day was an experience that would remain apparent throughout my entire summer.

It is incredible how much we depend on our experiences. It is even more incredible how our feelings remain attached to each experience. I still remember the feeling of satisfaction and the thrill from when I pitched my first reporter, secured an interview for a client, got a response from a top-tier media outlet and when the first story I worked so hard to achieve went live. But what is more incredible is how different this experience could’ve been without those around me who made it as it was.

So, my takeaway from this summer is that people shape our experiences. If you remember or reflect on an experience in your life, you probably will realize you remember most those around you who shaped your experience.

If it weren’t for my team and all those who are employed at ASTRSK, I would not have had the experience that I had this summer. I would not have left three months later with new skills, qualities, networks of those willing to guide me to succeed and a new outlook on what really makes an experience. I would not have learned where I need to grow in order to succeed. I would not have learned that public relations is for me.

(Some of the Team and I <3 )

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