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Staple Pieces - Why You Should Invest in Quality Over Quantity

By: Lexi Lebo

As trends constantly change, developing a timeless style is essential. Staple pieces are vital to maintaining a personal style and avoiding "trendy" items that may go out of fashion quickly. Although it may be tempting to purchase bold, popular clothing pieces, there are many benefits of investing in quality basics:

  1. Cost-effective: Staple pieces of clothing are worth investing in. Finding one shirt that fits you perfectly and makes you feel confident is a much smarter purchase than buying three shirts you do not love for the same price. Keeping up with the latest trends can be extremely pricey and overwhelming, so putting this money towards quality basics allows you to get more use out of your purchases. Investing in good quality basics will save you money in the long run. "These essential items will never go out of style and won't need to be replaced often." Durable clothing will last much longer, adding value to your purchase. 

  2. Customizable: Buying neutral pieces allows you to mix and match with different items in your closet. Creating various outfit combinations makes your wardrobe more practical and saves daily time and effort. A closet full of basic staple pieces also allows you to adjust your outfits for any occasion. Many people consider simple outfits more polished and professional based on how you style them. Whether you are dressing yourself for work, class, or a formal event, staple pieces make this task much more manageable. It is challenging to customize bold pieces, so they tend to be more pricey but worn less. Although these "trendy" outfits can be fun and stylish, it is essential to consider the use you will get out of them. Having most of your closet be simple staple pieces allows you to put your own personal style on display. It is best to keep versatility in mind, as it enables you to create various looks using the same pieces of clothing. 

  3. Environmental impact: Many trends people fall into can be associated with fast fashion. Fast fashion tends to have negative environmental impacts but more appealing price tags. Purchasing "timeless" clothing entails a more sustainable approach to fashion. Shopping for quality clothing items rather than focusing on quantity is essential when adding to your closet. Although the most sustainable brands may be more expensive, they are crucial to the environment. Search for transparent brands with strict ethical codes to leave a more positive impact on the environment. You can educate yourself on which brands you truly support by searching them online. The most environmentally friendly brands use natural or recycled materials to produce clothing.

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