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Intuitive PR skills

Whether or not you follow the path of PR, everyone possess intuitive Public Relation skills that are carried throughout day-to-day interactions and functions. PR practitioners utilize interpersonal skills such as Active listening and Logical thinking. However, these skills are not exclusively for PR partitioners. From kids to young adolescence to elders, these skills are universal. We have all been PR partitioners at some point in our lives. Who knows, maybe your interactions have molded you into a PR partitioner... you just might not know it yet.

Active Listening: As a child, we are taught to be patient and hear others voices as we interact with peers. This ultimately shapes our relationships in the future with family members, a significant other, and friendships. This allows an effective two-way communication that highlights attentiveness to whoever is speaking. Whoever may be communicating with you, they're words are important. They feel they are important and as we absorb and latch on to each word, we become in that moment a PR partitioner. Public Relations uses active listening skills to understand what problems the client wants solved. Also, providing an interest in the clients' strengths and weaknesses. Essentially, at a young age we are introduced to this PR skill that is unconsciously imbedded into conversations throughout our lives.

Logical Thinking: During our more complicated forms of communications, as we get older, we start to analyze what is being said. We start to separate fact from bias input and then eventually start drawing conclusions. Our curiosity from the jump leads to our need for making sense of whatever is said. This is Human nature. PR partitioners activate this skill throughout their entire career. Partitioner's voice reasonable solutions and set attainable goals for whomever they are working with.

At the end of the day, our experiences shape how we handle different types of communication. We unknowingly apply these PR skills. Our job to take advantage of the PR skills we have so remarkably possessed. The time put into utilizing these skills is the only obstacle that separates you from becoming a well renowned PR partitioner. Once educated about the forms of communication that falls under the realm of PR, you will look at everyday interactions from a different lens. From the lens of a Public Relations partitioner.

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