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Interviewing In A Virtual World

So much in our world has changed lately, life often feels like a constant adjustment. As a society that functions and relies heavily on routine, life during the pandemic has been hard. Entering the workplace now looks much different than it did in the past. Positions, meetings, and countless activities that used to be held in-person are now virtual. Working remotely is the new norm for many. With these changes, you may feel like you finally mastered interviewing and now you are having to adjust to interviews via Zoom and other online platforms.

With this in mind, here are some tips for a virtual interview:

  • Dress To Impress: It is still extremely important to be professional, so dress as nicely as you would for an in-person interview, waist up. However, dress comfortably from the waist down because this will help with relaxation and confidence! (Change out of your pajamas though, you want your mind to be sharp and fully awake.)

  • Remember Your Background: Your employer will still see what is behind you. Make sure your background is simple and professional. If you can’t find a great place to sit for the interview, consider using a virtual background.

  • Find Lighting That Flatters: The beauty of an online interview is you have more control over how you appear. Find lighting that is bright and compliments you. There are even ring lights you can purchase for your laptop to help with this.

  • Focus on Your Interviewer: If possible, change the settings on your platform to where you can’t see yourself, or minimize the window. The interview will feel more real this way and it will stop you from fixating on how you appear on screen or watching yourself.. (We are all guilty of this, it is so distracting!)

  • Let Your Personality Shine: Even though it doesn’t feel as “real” over a screen, it is still a real conversation. Be yourself and be as personable as possible.

  • Emphasize Body Language: Use your hands when you talk, lean in, and smile often. Approach the conversation as if the interviewer is physically in front of you. Show that you are engaged and that you care.

Interviewing through a screen can be challenging, but remember you are not alone; We are all learning together.

Be confident, you can do this!

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