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How To Stay Organized As A College Student

While I am sure that many of you have used a tried and true calendar or agenda book to stay on top of your schoolwork, there is so much more that goes into staying organized as a college student. With overwhelming amounts of assignments, extracurricular activities, and responsibilities that we take on in college, being organized is absolutely essential to staying on top of it all. Although creating an orderly lifestyle can be tough at first, I have found a few ways that have made staying organized easy! Here are three ways that you can implement some more organization into your busy lifestyle:

1. Keep Practical To-Do Lists

Whether digital or hand-written, to-do lists are an easy way to implement organization into your life. I like to make a sticky note at the beginning of each day that lists the tasks that I would like to get done in the order that I would like them completed. It's the easiest way for me to see what I need to do next and assures me that I have completed assignments and other responsibilities on time. Keep in mind that you need to be realistic with your to-do list. When you only list a practical amount of tasks for one day, you will feel less overwhelmed and more accomplished as you conquer the items. Who doesn't love crossing things off of their to-do list?

2. Declutter Your Mind and Space

When it comes to being organized, decluttering your mind and space is just as important as following calendars and lists. Having a clear mind can lead to increased productivity and efficiency, which is important when trying to knock out tasks throughout the day. You can do this by spending some time outside, exercising, or even taking a few minutes to catch up with a friend. In addition to a clear mind, a decluttered space can make it easier to get work done. With less distractions and clutter around, it can be a lot easier to focus on your tasks and stay on track. Keeping a clean desk and having orderly notes and folders are great ways to set a foundation of organization in your life.

3. Be Patient As You Adjust To Your Weekly Schedule

Sometimes the struggle of staying organized ultimately comes down to strategically managing your time. At the beginning of each semester, find a few times during the week when you know that you have availability to complete tasks from your to-do list, take some time to yourself, or create a schedule for the next few days. This time could be between two classes, an evening during the week, or if you’re lucky, during a Friday without class. Be patient with yourself as you learn your schedule and find out what works and what does not. By staying consistent, you may notice that following a schedule can lead to a very organized and successful semester!

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