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Developing a Healthy Relationship with Social Media as a PR Practitioner

After living in a virtual COVID-19 world for over a year, colleges and universities across the country are trying to get back to normal with in-person classes and a vibrant on-campus experience. Because of the pandemic, a lot of students are having to make the adjustment of not being tucked away behind a screen and instead being present in face-to-face interaction. Being a PR practitioner involves looking at social media and scouring the internet for research. However, how do we develop a healthy relationship with social media at work and outside of the office?

Put Your Phone on Do Not Disturb: Apple’s newest software update features four options allowing users to find focus in their day. The list includes Do Not Disturb, Personal, Work and Sleep. We easily get distracted by the slightest ding on our phones. With this new update, Apple doesn’t show all of the notifications you’ve missed on your home screen, allowing you to focus more on tasks.

Separate Work and Personal Life: Bloggers and media professionals have an array of ways to separate their work and personal life on social media. One strategy is to have a separate work and personal profile for each platform, specifically Instagram and Facebook. Since LinkedIn is exclusively centered around business and work, having one account is acceptable. With TikTok being the newest platform on the social media scene, having an account to use for most business and personal purposes is normal. Ordinary people and businesses are still trying to figure out their role in the TikTok scene as well.

Be Selective on What You Post and Who You Follow: Frequently too many of us accept friend requests from people we barely know or diminish our self-respect. Being selective on who you follow and who follows you is important. LinkedIn is not another form of Instagram and vice versa. LinkedIn has a purpose of connecting with people with business in mind compared to Instagram which is used for more personal news. In addition, we must always be careful about what we post and what account we are posting from.

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