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Advice to College Freshmen from a College Senior

By: Kathryn Sherrock

As I have just begun my last semester of college, I have been reflecting on my past four years at JMU and all I have accomplished. When I came to college, I heard people say, “Time flies by” and “Don’t take college for granted.” I thought it was cliche at the time, but here I am in my senior year spring semester, saying the same thing. Freshman year is filled with some of the highest highs and lowest of lows, and I learned so much about myself in just that one year. Here is some advice for first-year college students from a second-semester senior (who’s feeling nostalgic):

  1. Get involved on campus. Finding clubs or organizations on campus that interest you can enhance and benefit your college experience so much! Whether it be a religious organization, greek life, or a club related to your major or hobbies, finding a group of people on campus with similar interests allows you to make meaningful connections and make a big campus not feel as intimidating. 

  2. Go to class This advice may seem obvious, but one of my most significant advice for freshmen is to go to class! Skipping class is often a habit that students get into, and it can be detrimental to your success in college. Making it a habit to only miss class if you really need to sets the foundation for success as you can process and learn course materials and make meaningful connections with professors and peers.

  3. Utilize resources on campus. Looking back on my time spent in college, I wish I took advantage of all the wonderful resources offered on campus. JMU offers its students so many services and programs that it is a no-brainer to utilize those while you can! Between academic support, counseling, career advice, and so much more, using these services will help your productivity and success as a college student. 

  4. Do not take these four years for granted! Reflecting on my time at JMU, I reminisce on all the unforgettable memories I made with the most amazing people! Take advantage of all that college has to offer you! Go to sporting events and activities on campus, spend time with friends, and work hard in your classes. These four years go by in the blink of an eye, and before you know it, you will also be a second-semester senior wondering where all the time went. 

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