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5 JMU Resources to Prepare for a PR Career

As a JMU student, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the vast number of resources available to students. It can be difficult to know which resources should be prioritized for your future career. Here is a list of the most useful JMU resources for a career in public relations:

1. Public Relations Organizations

Here at JMU, we are lucky to have two public relations organizations: Bluestone Communications (that's us!) and the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Through Bluestone Communications, students work directly with local clients on PR efforts to translate classroom skills into physical work. While Bluestone Communication utilizes PR skills, PRSSA helps grow students' professional network and knowledge through events and guest speakers. Joining a public relations organization allows students to connect with professionals in the field and with other like-minded students!

2. Practice Interviews

Interviews are often intimidating. How are you able to make a lasting impact from such a short meeting? Before the big job interview, make an appointment for a mock interview at the Career Center to ease the fear. You will practice answering specific job-related questions that imitate the real interview. Practice is crucial, especially with interviewing!

3. Resume Review

Your resume is key. The Career Center offers one-on-one resume review sessions for students. Employers will remember a resume that demonstrates specific work experience and skills geared towards the job. While many students often have one resume, the Career Center teaches students to potentially write multiple versions for different job opportunities. For PR, you may benefit from having a resume tailored towards working in a PR firm versus working for an in-house communication department. In these meetings, tailor your resume to fit the PR job of your dream!

4. Presentational Speaking Opportunities

When working in PR, you will often present your work to others. Learning to be comfortable speaking for a crowd is a valuable skill. Luckily, JMU offers courses dedicated to learning and practicing presentational speaking! The communication center also assists with assignments and holds workshops for presentational speaking. Students may also practice presentational speaking through club leadership, an on-campus job, or by giving campus tours through Student Ambassadors. Presentational speaking becomes easier with consistent practice!

5. Creative Outlets

Creativity is the basis of public relations work. With a busy student schedule, it is easy to feel stuck thinking of creative ideas. Creativity can be sparked from actions as simple as taking a walk on campus, enrolling in a creative writing class, or having a group brainstorming session. JMU also offers a creative art space, called The Studio, for all students to freely paint, draw, and express themselves. You never know when creative inspiration will strike!

While being a student at JMU, try to utilize the resources that appeal to you and those that will better prepare you to practice public relations.

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