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5 back-to-school Tips from Upperclassmen to Freshman

We all know that back to school is super exciting, but can also be overwhelming and stressful. As all the new dukes are probably experiencing, there are so many amazing things to get involved with on campus, and new freedoms that come with college. Here are 5 tips from upperclassmen to help you navigate this new season well.

1. Get plugged in!

Whether you go greek, join a club, do intramurals, find a religious organization, or engage with an academic club, getting plugged into something is crucial. These are a few among the many opportunities JMU has to get involved with a community of people who can support you and make your college years as fun as possible!

2. Don’t overcommit.

Yes, we know we just told you to get plugged in, but finding a few things you are interested in and getting deeply involved will be more beneficial in the long run than saying yes to every organization. Filling up your calendar with too many activities will quickly become stressful.

3. Find a study space.

Roommates are fun, but they can also be distracting. Finding a study space where you can go when the small room gets even smaller, or quiet hours aren’t so quiet will be game-changing for your academics. There are ample study spaces on campus so explore them and find your go-to.

4. Take time for yourself.

The first semester of college is SUPER exciting. There are a plethora of activities and events to go to. A whole new community surrounds you. Time to yourself is important for both introverts and extroverts. Don’t be afraid to tell people you need time alone or skip an event. Don’t worry - the few hours you spend to yourself will not impede your ability to make lasting college relationships.

5. Utilize the university programs.

There are so many programs on campus to help students. From Urecs classes to health center appointments, counseling resources, learning centers, and tutoring, JMU offers it all! Familiarize yourself and don’t be afraid to ask FROGS, RA’s, professors, or upperclassmen about what resources they recommend.

Welcome to JMU! We are so happy to have you, and hope you thrive here! GO DUKES!

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