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Elizabeth Akers

Elizabeth is a senior Communication Studies Major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Entrepreneurship. She serves as at the Director of Professional Development for JMU PRSSA. Outside of JMU, she works as the Product Marketing Intern for The Knot Worldwide.

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Claire is a senior Communication Studies major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Human Resource Development. She serves on the executive boards for the JMU ASL Club and Dukes Transfer Club. She also works as a social media intern for the Human Resource Development minor at JMU.

Claire Bebermeyer


Account Executive

Tristan Williams

Tristan is a Junior Communication Studies Major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Writing and Rhetorical Communications. He also serves as the Interfraternity Council VP of Public Relations and Alumni Relations, as well as an Executive member of JMU’s Kappa Alpha Order. Tristan is excited to participate in JMU London Study Abroad Program and is in the process of interview for internships

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Account Executive

Joi Johnson

Joi is a sophomore Communications Studies Major with a concentration in Public Relations. She is apart of the Executive Team for JMUs chapter of PRSSA and serves as Director of Media Relations. Outside of JMU, Joi enjoys traveling and emerging herself in different cultures. She is passionate about mental health and self care and hopes to be a voice for truth and integrity within the industry after finishing college.

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Olivia Sullivan

Olivia Sullivan is a student at James Madison University and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies with a minor in Philosophy. Outside of school, Olivia is a Communications and Marketing Intern for Find Your Influence Inc.. Connecting with people and learning about the world is also something I hope to continue.

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Jules Adorno

Jules is a senior Communications Studies Major with a Generalist concentration. She is the current Public Relations and Social Chair for JMU's latest Upper Voices A Cappella Group, Unaccompanied.

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Grace- Lauren Richmond

Grace-Lauren Richmond is a double major in Spanish and Writing Rhetoric & Technical Communications with a minor in Business Spanish. Outside of classes she is a leader in Inner Varsity and runs the social media for the JMU Gilliam Center For Entrepreneurship. You are likely to find her playing spike on the quad or hitting the slopes.

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