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Social Media


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JMU’s School of Communications Studies, SCOM, wanted to clear up misconceptions and increase awareness about the major while also building their social media presence on Instagram. SCOM had an inactive Instagram page with a very small following. One of the main objectives of SCOM was to increase visibility about the major by increasing engagement on social media.


The School of Communications Studies’ Instagram page had 60 followers and had been inactive for six months when the Bluestone team began working for them. The team was able to create social media infographics and student videos for SCOM in order to gain interest from prospective students. In February 2021, we began a video campaign called #TheSCOMExperience in which students from different concentrations described their personal experiences with the major. We created eight videos in total.


Over the course of four months, the #SCOMExperience videos garnered between 80 and 200 views each and the page gained 100 new followers. Prospective students were able to learn about the different concentrations within the Communications Studies major from actual students. About 300 admitted students declared SCOM as their anticipated major in 2021. After a year as an area of focus for Bluestone Communications, the SCOM Instagram page has grown to more than 350 followers.

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