Social Media

Harrisonburg Little League Association Case Study


Harrisonburg Little League wanted to increase the number of early registrations and the number of parent volunteers. For years, the HLLA board members discussed holding an information meeting for new and returning parents before the start of the season. The meeting would inform parents about the importance of volunteering and the various volunteer opportunities available. The HLLA board hired Bluestone Communications to make this meeting a reality.


The Bluestone team worked hard to make this information meeting enticing. We named it “First Pitch Meeting” and worked with the board to determine incentives. They promoted the meeting through the HLLA Facebook page among other outlets. HLLA has a large following on Facebook. Yet, our team decided to activate boosted Facebook posts to reach new people who are likely interested in HLLA’s content but don't currently follow them. We created and promoted three different posts to anyone ages 20-55 in a 25 mile radius of Harrisonburg.


In the span of 14 days, the Facebook boosted posts garnered over 160 engagements and reached over 20,000 people. Over 50 people rsvp’d to the Facebook event page because of the posts. Even when the event had to be postponed due to inclimate weather, there was still a large turnout at the First Pitch Meeting. At the meeting, HLLA secured 33 parent volunteers for the 2019 season. Attendees reported that they hear about the meeting through Facebook and email blasts. This social media campaign was a success and kicked off the 2019 baseball season with a bang!