Harrisonburg Little League Association Case Study


The Harrisonburg Little League Association (HLLA) wanted to improve the communication between the HLLA board and volunteers. Bluestone Communications decided to conduct a survey to understand the perception of volunteering for the HLLA to further understand motivations and deterrents of volunteering.


Our team put together a survey of likert scale questions to understand the perception of volunteering. The survey was printed in English and Spanish and distributed at three HLLA registration events. In addition, the survey was sent through email and available with Survey Monkey. Some questions included:

  1. How familiar are you with volunteer opportunities with the HLLA?

  2. How familiar are you with the expectations of volunteer opportunities with the HLLA?

  3. How familiare are you with the sign up process?

  4. What reasons would motivate you to volunteer?

  5. If you don't volunteer, what are the reasons you do not volunteer with the HLLA?

Other questions asked about preferred communication channels and basic demographic information.


Once all the data was collected, we imported the numbers into a statistical software called SPSS to understand the results. We found that 33% of participants don't volunteer with the HLLA at all. 18% of those say that they don't have time to volunteer and an additional 17% say that their job interferes with volunteer opportunities. Motivations for volunteering included assisting their child, giving back to the community and setting a good example for their children. We also discovered that parents preferred to be communicate through text message or email rather than through Facebook.