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1 for All

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1 for All wanted to have more representation on James Madison University’s campus because awareness of the organization was low among students. One of the main objectives of 1 for All was to increase awareness of the five freedoms of the First Amendment through educational and interactive events. Bluestone Communications was able to create events that had never been done on campus before in order to raise awareness about the First Amendment. 

Following the special events, Bluestone Communications decided to conduct a survey to measure the awareness and attitudes of JMU students towards the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment.


A quantitative survey of likert scale questions was created to measure the awareness levels and attitudes of students. It was posted on JMU’s SONA system, an online portal where students take surveys for extra credit in class, and was sent to the entire JMU student population via bulk email. Some questions from the survey included: 

  • How often do you hear about the First Amendment? 

  • What is your attitude toward the First Amendment? 

  • How likely are you to attend an event about the First Amendment

  • How comfortable are you with engaging in conversation about the First Amendment

Other questions asked participants to rate the personal importance of different items of the first amendment.


There were a total of 513 survey respondents. 357 were female, and 146 were male. 32% of respondents indicated that they rarely think about the First Amendment, with males thinking about it more often than females. Likewise, it was found that 39.3% of respondents often hear about the First Amendment. Once again, it was shown that males hear about it more than females. Results also showed that older respondents think more about the First Amendment.

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