Workshop Recap: UX Design with Erin Hurley-Brown

Erin Hurley-Brown, UX Manager at Snagajob, shared some of her user experience (UX) expertise with our firm at our first creative workshop of the semester! Hurley-Brown has learned so much in the field over the years, and we are so grateful to have her she her knowledge with Bluestone.

Here are a few of my takeaways from the workshop:

1. Design fundamentals

Design fundamentals include color, typography, and visual hierarchy. They are the visual elements of a product or design. It’s important to understand how these factors work together. This is where our personal creative experience comes into play!

2. Design Psychology

Design psychology is the law of UX and the ability to understand human decision-making. We need to be able to understand what actions a consumer will take to best create a design. There is a lot of thought and research done before creating a design, and it is important to always consider the perspective of the consumer.

3. Product Design

There are many steps involved with creating a design. With that, it is important to understand and define the potential problems that can arise. We cannot solve problems until we get to the root of them. Product design also includes ideating solutions, prototyping, and testing.

4. UX Design vs. UI Design:

User interface (UI) design is the idea of staying on brand and working with a clear, visual representation of the concepts. UX design is that and more. It is the user through research and forms a solution to improve a solution. Knowing the difference between these two concepts helps define the goals of your design!

The workshop was wrapped up with Erin sharing with us her experience in the field and how she ended up with her position as the UX manager at Snagajob. She has learned so much over the years and reminded us once again of the multiple opportunities that can come from the ever-changing field of communications.

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