Workshop Recap: Social Media Analytics and Brand Identity with Nanfei Liu

The world of social media management is constantly evolving and changing. This is why Bluestone Communications was thrilled to welcome Nanfei Liu, the Assistant Director of Digital Engagement for the JMU Office of Alumni Relations, for a workshop in March. Liu focused on creating an understandable visual presentation of social media analytics and presented tips and case studies demonstrating the value of analytics and brand identity.

Tip 1: Key Performance Metrics

  • The dominate social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook provide a simple process for insights into the performance of an account. Twitter Analytics, Creator Studio, and business profiles automatically break down the impressions and reach of an account or post. Additionally, the ROI or return on investment calculates link clicks and click-through rates.

Tip 2: Audience Engagement

  • Before posting content, you have to understand what type of content appeals to your target audience and what channel is best to deliver the content. Demographic information of your target audience to analyze would be age, location, language, power and pattern, interests, challenges, and stage of life.

Tip 3: Brand Establishment

  • An important thing to think about is what message or identity you want your brand to communicate. Starting with the purpose of the social media channels. Is your content mean to engage, inform, or etc.? Another important aspect is tone and language. Will your captions convey a complex tone with clinical language? Or an insider tone with personal language?

Tip 4: Channel Diversification

  • It’s important to utilize different social media channels for specific content. Instagram, Snapchat, and etc. are more personal and interactive channels that utilize engaging methods like polls and the swipe-up feature. Facebook, LinkedIn, and etc. are more private and exclusive, channels that utilize geographically targeted methods for displaying content.

The workshop was wrapped up with a case study on how JMU was able to pivot during the pandemic lockdowns to host completely virtual events for admitted students.

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