Workshop Recap: Connecting with Our Alumni

February 24, 2021 was a valuable day for Bluestone Communications employees. Our alumni workshop brought together Communication Studies alumni to discuss the work our firm as being producing and give advice to students pursuing a career in PR. With years of working in the communication field, Kara Frank, Sam D’Addario, and Kendra Kojcsich have expanded our horizons with their experiential knowledge which can’t be learned in school. This workshop has opened not only the students’ perspective on their major but also many doors of opportunities for their careers.

Tip 1: Every day will be different, so be prepared to constantly learn something new

  • Generally, working in the communications field contains a lot of meetings with clients, checking emails, keeping up with the news, editing social media posts and editorial calendars, etc. Therefore, you must be able to adapt to any environment as soon as possible. It is a double-sided field: Yes, there will be challenges but you will find joy within it.

Tip 2: Maintain a good relationship not only with clients but also other teams in the firm

  • Connection is important. There would be no way to avoid conflict, but you need to work together and voice your opinion to bring out the best idea for your client. You cannot change people's behavior, but you can change the way you guide your clients and/or your team to do differently. This will be time for you to show off your interpersonal communication skill!

Tip 3: Keep improving your skills because “you don’t know what you don’t know”

  • According to our alumni, here are the most important skills that college students need to have to prepare them for the PR field. As a PR professional has to deal with different tasks, time management will help classify and manage them efficiently. Moreover, basic writing skill can be useful for drafting and blogging while critical thinking skill is a must to solve problems.

After the general Q&A panel with our alumni, we were sent to a breakout room with our account teams with one alumnus so we could ask specific questions relevant to our own clients. This activity was a great chance for us to directly answer any concerns regarding our recent work. Overall, this workshop was a great opportunity for us to get advice and feedback from our successful alumni.

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