Working From Home: PR Professionals Persevere in Social Isolation

In the midst of this pandemic, when so many businesses and organizations have to put their work on hold until it is safe for their employees to resume regular operations, I've noticed that public relations is a field that doesn't have the same restrictions as others. So much of our work can be done remotely and I've seen the necessity of that work in the past month. People in isolation still need communicators like those of us in Bluestone Communications for reassurance, direction, and even entertainment. They need to know that the world hasn't stopped spinning. PR professionals are tasked with delivering this message.

It's true that my account team had to make some changes to our initial strategic plan in response to COVID-19, but I believe that this crisis can be a learning opportunity for all of us. We had to adapt to our situation and think outside of the box. What can we do when our events are cancelled? How can we still get our messages out or gather research when people aren't able to leave their own homes? How do we connect? How do we communicate effectively with our clients? We learned the value of quick email responses and back up plans, that change shouldn't make us balk.

Most importantly, I think this crisis reinforces the idea that relationships are everything when it comes to public relations work–or any work, really. Humans crave connection and it is our job to provide those connections for our clients, even when circumstance prevents us from making them in person. We have a variety of tools to maintain these relationships: social media, newsletters, email, video and even blogs like this one all help us in our task. We are fortunate to work in a profession that is able to adapt so readily in the midst of such a devastating crisis and I'm thankful and ready to get to work!

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