Virtual/Zoom Fatigue and How to Conquer It

Between Zoom meetings, virtual assignments, emails, and late night Netflix binges, our society’s screen time is at an all time high. With so much time being spent in front of a screen, it’s easy to fall victim to “virtual fatigue”, otherwise known as “Zoom fatigue”. According to Science of People, a few signs that you might have virtual fatigue include:

  1. Leaving a meeting feeling more drained than energized.

  2. Lack of the “social high” that comes from in person meetings.

  3. Feelings of anger due to technical difficulties.

  4. Feeling confused or awkward during meetings

  5. Constantly thinking about work, even when you are home.

  6. Feeling a lack of communication in meetings.

  7. Wondering why video calls are needed.

So how do you get past those moments when your eyes can’t take another second of staring at a screen (despite the fact that you still have multiple assignments, emails and meetings to get through), your computer problems have you ready to blow a fuse, and you find yourself dozing off in meetings?

Here are a few tips for beating virtual fatigue:

1. Buy blue light blocking glasses.

Blue light glasses are a great way to ease the strain on your eyes that comes from long hours of screen time. With affordable options now on the market in stores such as Walmart and Target, picking up some blue light blocking glasses is a great way to help you kick the dry eye and headaches that come from staring at your computer screen.

2. Work in 30-60 minute increments.

Studies have shown that working in smaller increments of time incentivizes you to focus and get more work done. It also will allow you to take some time away from your screen to give both your mind and your eyes a much needed break.

3. Spend more time outside.

When Zoom fatigue starts to affect not only your focus, but your emotions, getting outside can help boost your mood and reduce stress. When the weather allows, try going for a walk around your neighborhood, or if you don’t have the time you can even bring your work outdoors and work from the comfort of your yard or porch.

4. Try to separate work from home as much as possible.

Having designated clothing, music, and even drinkware that you only use during work hours can help you separate work life and home life. It’ll also allow you a more gratifying sense of relief when you finally slip into those sweatpants at the end of the day.

Hopefully, by implementing some of these tricks, you can find some solace from the busy online work world and kick your virtual fatigue.

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