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Using LinkedIn for Networking and Job Searching

LinkedIn has provided me with so many new connections and opportunities to network and find jobs. To describe it, the platform is used as the largest online professional network. LinkedIn can be used to find job/internship opportunities, develop professional relationships, and learn skills needed for a successful career. I kind of see it as an online resume where you can post all past experiences, jobs, and achievements for future employers and coworkers to see. There are so many things you can do with LinkedIn.

I began my page when I was a sophomore during quarantine. James Madison University makes it easy to promote professional development skills through the University Career Center. It’s pretty simple in the sense that it guides you where to put your basic information on your profile. You can also add experience, skills, and organizations you’ve been associated with for future employers to get a sense of who they are working with.

When it comes to job and internship searching, there is a whole section dedicated to finding the best choice. LinkedIn gives suggestions and recommendations based on your profile and search history. It helps by giving the option to bookmark listings and see how many applicants are applying along with any of your connections who have worked with the company. When applying, some jobs allow you to submit your resume right through LinkedIn. It’s their quick apply option which allows you to apply for a position in just two clicks. It gives all the details of the title, the company, the role, the type of position, and more. It’s more than a regular job posting website.

LinkedIn is a great resource to connect with alumni and past classmates. JMU has such a large alumni network, if a future employer sees you’ve attended, it’s an instant connection. Personally, as a SMAD major, I’ve found alumni all over the world from London to NYC, to LA, it’s amazing where people go after graduating from JMU.

Kind of like Facebook, this platform allows you to post professional content such as achievements, news, and announcements. You’re able to see what your classmates are doing professionally and you’re able to celebrate those with milestones in their careers.

Overall, LinkedIn is a necessity for networking and job searching. It’s a more professional way of connecting with prospective companies and employers without giving them your personal information. It has quick and easy steps to upload everything you’d like to share. Consider making an account, it will help you further your JMU career. If you connect with me, I’ll connect with you!

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