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Trick or Treat! Here’s What’s Sweet (in PR)

As college students, it is crucial to know your skill set, including what you bring to any job beyond graduation. Public Relations holds an important role for any company or organization to effectively communicate its message to the target audience. Let’s not be spooked by your resume! Here are four ways to talk about your public relations work and how it has to ability sweeten any client’s current position:

1. Broad Reach

As public relations professionals, we are able to take our client’s message and distribute it to a larger audience. This can be key to getting an initiative or event off the ground. One of the best ways to successfully reach your full audience is by using multiple media channels. During your next interview, discuss how you specifically plan to have a broad reach by utilizing four media channels:

  • Paid Media

  • Earned Media

  • Shared Media

  • Owned Media

By using the PESO method, your employer will specifically see how the steps you plan to take to reach the full audience. Nothing is sweeter!

2. Increases Credibility

Public Relations professionals’ work often helps the company by increasing its credibility. PR work serves to close the knowledge gap between a business and its public to build a trusting and honest communication system. According to this Forbes 2021 article, “public relation is an essential component for building a credible brand that can be trusted by consumers because it is driven by real opinions and reviews from the outside world”. When there are consistently honest and reliable services, consumers will continue to use the product or service and are more likely to suggest it to others.

3. Future is key!

When discussing your public relations work in a professional setting, it is important to talk about what is next and what you believe the future of PR will look like. According to USC Annenberg, 88% of public relations practitioners say that digital storytelling is the way the future will look. This gives entry-level public relations professionals the ability to be creative for a client and utilize digital assets. How are you, as a public relations professional, able to take the story and mission of your client and express that digitally? If you are able to answer that question, your client will be able to get a holistic picture of what you bring to the role and what you plan to bring in the future.

4. Low-cost

One of the beauties of Public Relations work is that it is a relatively low-cost investment for any company. Whether it is media relations, including press releases, pitching, fact sheets, social media, or even SEO work, there is little to no cost for the employer. Because of this, public relations can be used in any industry to promote any meaningful cause. It is important to remember in your job search that you are adding more than you are taking away. Be confident in your ability to help!

Public relations is an ever-adapting field that brings many positive skillsets and additions to a client or company. Hopefully, during your next job interview or client interest meeting, these key points will clearly detail what public relations work is able to contribute. No need to fear, public relations is here and sweeter than ever this job-hunting season. Happy Halloween, Bluestone!

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