Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose Public Relations

1) Opportunities to use my Creativity and Writing Skills

As a public relations (PR) practitioner, it is your responsibility to help your clients build mutually beneficial relationships with their key publics. There are various channels that practitioners use to solidify these relationships. The channels could be anything from social media platforms, press releases and blogs to infographics, newsletters, promotional videos and more. Through these channels, PR practitioners can let their creativity and writing skills flourish. For example, when creating social media posts, PR practitioners can get creative with the hash tags, pictures, animations and message. Also, blogs are a great opportunity to use your writing skills freely because you can not only include facts for support but, have your personality shine through your tone in your writing and get creative by including rhetoric and links or pictures to outside sources. These two skills are the key to grabbing your audience’s attention and getting your message across to the key publics.

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2) Ability to Dip my Toes in Different Areas

One of my favorite aspects of PR is having the ability to work with clients of different subject areas. They range from consumer, technology and government to health care, sports, education and more. Through my past internships and projects, I gained experience in technology, government and health care so I could narrow down what I am most interested in after college. However, many PR agencies work with all types of clients, so employees can be rotated to work in each department. These rotations provide employees with a fresh start, so they never grow old of what they are working on and it enhances their knowledge in multiple subjects they aren’t experts in.

3) Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

If you’re someone whose life goal is to make a difference in the world and help people but, you aren’t interested in pursuing a job like a police officer, fire fighter or soldier then, PR is the career path for you. In PR, you can work with clients whose missions are for a charitable cause. Words are extremely powerful and as the practitioner, you’re the one who gets to be the voice of your client and help them to make a change. For example, Kellogg’s did the “retweet for a breakfast for a vulnerable child” campaign and the PR team behind it has the privilege to say that they were a part of the team who made this happen; what a rewarding experience.

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4) People Person Job

As a Communication Studies major, I love to talk and interact with other people. I am not the type of person who can just sit at a desk all day. In PR, you have the opportunity to interact with many people like your clients, the media, stakeholders and key publics. In addition, you can travel to meet with your clients, host press conferences, be at the scene when a crisis is occurring with your client and more. It is a great profession to pursue if you want to meet a variety people throughout your life journey.

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5) The Adrenaline Rush

It’s three in the morning and you get a call from your client that something happened at one of their stores and has gone viral. You quickly run into the office, immediately catch yourself up on the news and media and begin to strategize and implement a plan to repair the damage already done. You have less than two hours to get content out to the media before the situation becomes worse. Only one window of time and one chance to correct the situation. This is the adrenaline rush that keeps all PR practitioners on their toes. PR is like a roller coaster, some days you experience a 90 degree drop and other days you are riding up a tall hill. You never know when it will change courses.

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