Tips for Creating a Logo

Creating a logo can be a daunting task. How can you fit so much in such a small design? There are many ways to create an effective logo while keeping it simple. A picture can paint a thousand words. Here are five tips to keep in mind while creating a successful logo!

  1. Your logo should be EYE CATCHING. The logo should be one of the first things noticed on a brochure, menu, or website. Having a logo that stands out makes it more memorable for the viewers.

  2. The logo should be able to be used in LARGE AND SMALL designs. The logo created needs to be used for small items, such as an app design all the way to a billboard on the side of a highway.

  3. SIMPLE. Keeping a logo to a simple yet original design can be tricky, but very important to creating a successful logo. A simple logo can make it easier to change the spot color which can be used for multiple purposes.

  4. Use the EMPTY SPACE. Using empty space can change the whole design of a logo. This can help make a logo look clean and readable for multiple distances.

  5. Having the logo stay ON BRAND. Doing research before creating a logo will help you understand how the company got started and where it went from there. You can also look at previous logos made to get inspiration.

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