The Philadelphia Eagles and Bud Light: An Unusual Yet Effective PR Campaign

“Brady under pressure... escapes the sack… laaauuunching one for the end zone… there’s a jump ball and it’s incomplete! And time runs out… and for the Philadelphia Eagles the long drought is over. FINALLY! And for Philly fans, the dream has finally come true. The Lombardi trophy is going to Philadelphia!”

Those sweet words above will never escape my mind. Growing up in a small shore town in New Jersey, living as a die-hard Eagles fan has always been an important part of me. All we do is eat, sleep and chant “Fly Eagles Fly”. It hasn’t always been easy being an Eagles fan. Year after year, heartbreak after heartbreak, I never thought I would experience the emotions of being a world champion. That was, of course, until Super Bowl 52 happened. For the first time in franchise history, the Philadelphia Eagles had become Super Bowl champions.

While I was following the team all season, many people outside of “Eagles territory” were not aware of the special season that was developing in Philadelphia. It wasn’t until a Bud Light tweet that started to come into fruition that people finally started to recognized Philadelphia for its stellar play.

Earlier in the year, Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson offered Philly fans free beer if the Eagles won the championship.

Less than 24 hours later, Bud Light decided to join the social media fun and offered to supply alcohol for the postgame festivities if the Eagles did indeed win.

As we know now, the Eagles did in fact make it to the Super Bowl and they defeated the New England Patriots 41-33. Nevertheless, before the game was played, Bud Light released a "Philly Philly" commercial, reminding fans of their promise to Johnson. What began as humorous and unlikely banter, turned into one of Bud Light’s greatest ever publicity stunts, all within a six-month period. Another factor that helped Bud Light with their stunt was the fact that arguably the best play in Super Bowl and Eagles history was literally called “Philly Philly”, named after the iconic Bud Light slogan. Bud Light could not have asked for a better result from their tweet back in early August 2017. After the win, Bud Light stuck to their word and handed out 38,000 beers to the drunken fans of Philadelphia at the victory parade. They also offered a free six-pack of beer to any fan that bought a six-pack on February 8 and 9 in one of the surrounding 6 counties outside of Philadelphia.

Bud Light even kept their PR stunt active a month later when Johnson restructured his contract to give the Eagles more financial flexibility in the offseason. Time and time again, Bud Light has created marketing campaigns to increase awareness for their company and NFL fans in general.

A magical football season, together with a brilliant marketing scheme, paved the way for an incredibly beneficial project for all recipients.

My love for the Eagles only increased my attention to all the PR work that Bud Light was doing for my favorite team. Their brand was already globally known, but after this campaign, they have certainly gained attention from a broader audience that may not have been a huge fan of their beer to begin with- myself included. Before this campaign, I rarely drank Bud Light. Now, it is the only beer I drink when I am watching my Eagles fight their way to a second consecutive Super Bowl victory. Due to their wonderful public relations feat, Bud Light definitely has a happy new customer in me.

And don’t even get me started on the publicity from the new Flyers mascot Gritty.

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