The PeRfect Major

As a child, everyone always asks what you want to be when you grow up.  Like many others, I responded to this question with “a mom or a teacher”.   No child is going to blurt out “I want to be Public Relations Practitioner!”.  I certainly wish I did though, because I stumbled down a rocky road trying to get to my PeRfect major.

I was an undeclared major when I first stepped foot on James Madison University’s campus.  I began to take Spanish classes because throughout high school, understanding languages was one of my strengths. Therefore, I made that one of my majors. I decided to test the waters in the business school as my second major, but ultimately that did not take flight.  

It was not until the summer of my junior year of college, that I studied abroad in Spain and realized my ability to problem solve and be productive in high pressure situations, have effective oral and written communication skills and have excitement for event planning. I had an internship, based out of Valencia, for an entertainment production company.  

During my time with the company, we prepared for a concert on the beach in Valencia, starring Luis Fonsi.  This internship required me to create media lists, assist in promoting and planning the event, as well as, organizing finances.   I even had the pleasure of attending the event and got to stand inches away from the Puerto Rican superstar.

When I got back to America, I immediately changed my major to Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations.  I will be graduating James Madison University in December 2018 and I could not be more excited to further my experience in the Public Relations field. I hope to work in New York City, as a public relations practitioner for a fashion or entertainment company.

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