The Importance of Social Media in PR

Social media has evolved the way we communicate with others. Growing up, social media has always been a huge part of my life. Ever since middle school I have spent time on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Now it has grown immensely and almost all Americans spend a part of their day using social media. I wouldn’t say I am a social media guru, but I have always been fascinated by the impact it has made on our society and I have always enjoyed using it. As I got older, I realized I wanted to go into a career where I could use social media on a daily basis. Everyone told me marketing would be the best fit, but once I got to JMU I found that I wanted to pursue a major in Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations. After taking the first class, I knew it was the right fit and I was excited for what the future could hold. PR brings people together, just like social media. It’s all about building relationships and connecting people. Quickly I learned that PR and social media go hand in hand.

With my passion in PR and social media, I wanted to find an opportunity to bring them both together. This past summer I had the incredible opportunity of having an internship with a social media marketing company in Atlanta, Georgia called Imagine Media Consulting. Even though the company was considered “marketing” it really showed me how PR and social media are actually aligned. Imagine’s slogan is “Build relationships, not profiles.” In both PR and social media, building a strong relationship with your customers/followers/public/etc. is vital. This internship taught me incredible skills in finding the best ways to create long lasting and great relationships with clients and the community. Learning the ins and outs of social media also provided me with new knowledge about the positive impact social media can have on a PR campaign. Social media can create a new way to connect with key publics and constantly engage with them. By having the chance to be a part of this internship program, I believe it will help me in the PR industry and give me an edge in the future.

Now having this past internship and gaining the opportunity to help manage one’s brand, I have found my niche. I enjoyed learning how the power and impact of social media can positively influence one’s relationship the public. Seeing this connection to PR in real life application makes me excited for my future. Additionally, being in Bluestone Communications this semester is giving me even more hands-on experience and I believe it will help prepare me for a career in PR. It is hard to believe that I am beginning the second semester of my junior year and that soon enough I will be off in the real world. Since I have been at JMU, it has been my goal to get experience and gain a valuable education that prepares me for my future. I want to be a successful PR professional and have as many tools in my toolkit to use once I have a job post-graduation. With great opportunities in my past, and an internship in my future, I am confident that I will find a career that is the perfect fit for me.

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