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The Importance of Photosynthesizing

Winter has (finally) ended, and it’s officially springtime! As the weather starts to get warmer, I remember how much I enjoy being outside just feeling the warm air and the warm sun on my skin. I’ve never enjoyed any part of the dark, cold winter months, so as soon as that first 60-70 degree day hits, all I want to do is sit outside and enjoy the weather. Though humans are certainly not plants, I think photosynthesizing is just as important for us as it is for them. From my experience, enjoying lovely weather and being in the sunshine does wonders for my daily mood and helps me feel connected to the Earth, yet also the JMU campus, when I spend time out on the Quad.

It’s pretty common knowledge that soaking up the sun boosts Vitamin D levels within our bodies. Vitamin D assists with bone strength, immune support, better sleep, and increasing serotonin. It’s certainly not a secret, but I do think it’s an underrated method of self-care. I started finding time in the day (when it’s warm and sunny) to spend some time just sitting outside and enjoying my own company. It’s definitely great with friends too, but being by yourself can also be gratifying.

I’m writing this blog post as I sit on the JMU Quad, quite literally soaking up the sun. I’m watching other students enjoy the weather as well, and I feel connected to my school and the community that we all share. There’s the sound of people talking and laughing, so many cute dogs, and even the distant train horn that contributes to the ambiance of my “photosynthesizing” time. After a long and bleak winter, I never take the beginning of spring for granted.

Today, maybe you’ll choose to take some time for yourself to sit in the sun and enjoy the refreshing warm weather. Remember that it’s just as important for you to get some daily Vitamin D as it is for any other blade of grass that you see. Grab a blanket, a book, some snacks, some music, or even a friend, and connect with the blooming spring around you. Your body and mind will thank you for soaking up some sun.

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