The Exciting Truth about the Public Relations Industry

My name is Megan Wagoner and I, like many students here, am from Northern Virginia. I personally live about forty minutes outside of D.C., so it is a place I have visited often throughout my years. Visiting D.C. was the first time I experienced “city life”. I loved all of the shops and culture, but more importantly, I desired to work at one of the prestigious PR firms. The hustle and bustle in the city reminds me of why I want to be in the Public Relations industry. Before learning what PR professionals truly do, I believed they lived lavish lives and that their only work was posting a few tweets a day. Which, although that sounds appealing, is far from the truth. The thing I love so much about this concentration is that it is so much more than that stereotypical belief. As a PR practitioner, you must work with your client to establish their goals, while creating mutually beneficial relationships, all while keeping the company’s image in a positive light. Although this can sometimes be challenging, I find it to be very rewarding as well. Now that I am a member of Bluestone Communications, I realize even more how exciting my future will be with a career in PR. I get to experience hands-on work with real clients in the Harrisonburg area. My group’s client is Matchbox realty, and although a realty company may not be the most intriguing to everyone, helping them from a PR standpoint is actually incredibly exciting. Even though this is my first time working on a “real” PR campaign for a company, I am excited to bring the skills I am learning from this amazing opportunity into the workforce once I graduate. Studying PR specifically at JMU has made the experience even better. All throughout my college Public Relations courses, I have had the most hardworking, intelligent, and interesting professionals who have enforced my belief that this is the career I want to pursue. When I was growing up, I dreamed of working in a PR agency in an exciting city. Now this

dream does not seem too far off. With my knowledge from JMU’s Public Relations courses and my hands-on experience as a part of Bluestone Communications; I believe that I now have what it takes to succeed in the Public Relations industry.

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