Teamwork and the PR field

The importance of teamwork in the Public Relations field

Working with a team can be a daunting task. Throughout college I have come in contact with many different kinds of team members, and I must say the teams that I have been a part of throughout my Public Relations career have been phenomenal. Public Relations revolves around your ability to work independently and dependently within a team. The Public Relations discipline is dependent on team work and the team’s ability to come together to get tasks done. Many may ask, “Why is teamwork essential in a PR setting?”

Fosters a positive learning environment

Working with a team allows for a lot of brainstorming and team consensus. This allows all team members to add their input into a discussion. Teamwork may empower newer employees to state their thoughts and ideas in a meeting as well. A positive learning environment will allow the team to develop the best strategies by bouncing different ideas off of one another.

Creates a united brand

Reputation is a significantly important part of Public Relations. Working with a team allows every employee to be on the same page about a specific client, or the company’s public brand. Team meetings will allow the team to create and maintain the brand that they want to be known for. This can impact the way employees interact with different types of media, being sure that the specific branding that was created by the team is being employed by all employees in every setting.

Increases employee morale

Coming from the perspective of a new employee, it is extremely important to feel welcome and needed. Teamwork allows employees to get to know each other better, which will result in a more comfortable and empowering environment to work in. Employees will enjoy their work environment more when they work with people that they know and like. Happy work environment=Happy employees

Overall, teamwork is an essential part to the public relations field. Working with a team is beneficial for the creation of new ideas, creating a united brand and improving employee morale. While individual work is important and something PR employees will do, many times you will find yourself working within a team of bright people who may have a great idea about a portion of your assignment, why not explore all the ideas at the table?

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