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Staying Organized With a Busy Schedule

Let’s face it, getting organized isn’t easy. It’s around that time again where we have an endless number of assignments and tests, followed by club meetings and extracurriculars. How can we handle everything without getting overwhelmed? The key to this conundrum lies in remaining calm during stressful situations. The following strategies will ensure that you stay organized and stress-free during your busy schedule.

Invest In/Utilize Monthly Calendars

Having a place to write everything down is helpful when juggling a busy schedule. Whether it’s a planner, notes page, Google calendar, or paper calendar, seeing everything you need to complete will make scheduling and staying on top of work a piece of cake. If you have everything written down, you’ll be able to plan ahead and see what days you have to work extra hard and which days you have wiggle room to relax and hang with friends. You might want to try color-coding your calendar so it’s visually appealing and you can tell the difference between schoolwork for classes and activities for extracurriculars.

Make To-Do Lists & Prioritize

Making lists of what you need to complete helps ensure that you’ll finish assignments on time and never miss anything. Prioritize assignments that may take longer first so you can ensure they get done on time. Sticking to a list will also help you plan ahead and visualize what your week will look like.

Follow a Routine

Establishing a routine that works for you is the secret to staying organized. Following a routine will help you stay on track and feel good about the things you’re completing. It’ll help you anticipate what your day will look like and allow you to feel comfortable by knowing you have time to knock things off your list.

No matter how busy you get, remember to take time to organize what you need to do so you can stay worry-free and feel accomplished.

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