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So You’re Thinking of Transferring? By: Danielle Generous

For many, the prospect of transferring to a different university is incredibly daunting to the point that many may elect to just stick it out to avoid the hassle all together. But from one transfer student to a prospective other– do it. Is it a lot of work? Yes. Is it intimidating to start over someplace new? Also yes. But as cliché as it may sound, it’s important to follow your heart with decisions like these.

I originally had no desire to go to college. I was hung up on the fact that no school was speaking to me like I thought, and hoped, one would. After touring countless schools, I was reliant on the fact that I would get that feeling that I watched friends and older siblings experience. But yet–I didn’t and as a result, I felt incredibly lost. But college seemed like the next obvious step. And so, like all of my peers, I enrolled. But like I mentioned earlier, my heart was not a part of the decision. After one semester at my chosen school, I dropped out. It just didn’t feel right. 

As I reentered the workforce, I couldn’t rub off the feeling that I needed to try again. I thought back to the tours I had as a rising senior in high school and remembered one school in particular that stood out—JMU. The first time I had visited, I refused to allow myself to become excited about the possibility of being a duke. I knew my chances of getting in were low.I was right to think so; I was denied admission and was told by a counselor that I was not a competitive candidate for the University. But as a then college dropout, I knew that this wasn't the path I was meant to be on. I knew that JMU was the school that had been speaking to me. I just wasn’t listening.  

So, I applied to attend for my sophomore year. In fact, in an email to a SMAD advisor, I cc’d the very woman who told me I was an ill-fit for the school. And to my amazement, and possibly her horror, I got in. For the first time I had that feeling of belonging that I had been so desperately craving. The fears of making new friends, learning new routes and starting fresh are incredibly valid–and I experienced them too–but I promise you it’s worth the work in order to be at the University that speaks to you. College is about more than just obtaining your degree. It’s about where you’ll live during your formative years of adulthood, the friends you’ll make, and the culture you’ll embrace for years to come. Listen to your heart, overcome the fear that might be weighing you down. Trust me, it’s worth the listen

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