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Self-Care is the Best Medicine

Being a college student with a full schedule can be mentally and physically exhausting. Running from class to class, waking up early and finding time to cram for an exam are all things we experience. Through all the craziness, it’s important to remember to make time for yourself. Here are a few ways to reboot your life:

Get Organized: Having a clean space can do wonders for a busy mind. When the workload gets to be too much, take a productive break to clean up and organize your surroundings. It’s something that doesn’t have to take too long but you will feel so much better after. You can do a load of laundry, clean last night’s dishes or plan out the rest of your week. All of these things can help your week go by a little smoother.

Do or Go Somewhere New: Sadly, we are only here for 4 short years so make the most of it! I find that downtown Harrisonburg has some really fun spots that you can invite friends to or take so time for yourself. Clementine has different nightly events with fun activities like trivia night, karaoke, and live music. You can take a short walk from there and go to Ruby's for some pizza and a few rounds of bowling or pool. You can even support local businesses by going to the Famer’s Market or Agora Downtown Market where you can get unique finds and meet amazing people.

A Night In: Sometimes the best thing to do for yourself is to spend some time alone. You can pick one day out of the week or even one hour to spend with yourself doing things you find relaxing. You watch a movie or finally start that new series on Netflix everyone is talking about. You can grab a book to read or a coloring book. Or pick back up on a hobby you might have started and loved doing during quarantine.

As students, we have a lot to juggle all at once so to avoid feeling overwhelmed or burned out take some time for yourself. You’ll thank yourself later.

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