Putting Yourself First: Prioritizing Mental Health

With mid-semester approaching, I feel it's safe to assume that many students are struggling with the workload they have been given. On top of classes, many of us work jobs, internships, and are members of campus organizations. This time of year can get quite hectic but the most important piece of information to remember is that your mental health needs to come first.

I often find myself neglecting my wellbeing and overworking myself. It’s easy to get caught up in deadlines, but if we do not nurture ourselves then we eventually will burn out. Pushing ourselves to the limit can cause utter exhaustion, and exhaustion can lead to work that is not completed to the best of our ability. When we are not giving our minds the proper care, we risk serious damage to our mental stability.

Sometimes it’s nice to put your phone on do not disturb, close your computers, sit outside and take a deep breath. There are so many distractions in our busy lives that cloud our brains. This can lead to unhappiness and, for those of us who already struggle with our mental health, it only adds more stress on our illness. Our minds and bodies will tell us when we need a break and it is critical that we listen to them.

My favorite ways to calm my mind:

  1. Going on walks: Being outdoors and in nature can create a sense of peace in your mind.

  2. Journaling: I write about my overall feelings during the day and ways in which I can improve my day tomorrow.

  3. Take a break from technology: When I am really overwhelmed, I find it helpful to turn off my phone and computer and just take some time for myself.

It’s important to give our minds the proper rest they need to function. Pay attention to the warning signs of mental health deterioration and seek professional help if you need it! It can be tempting to keep working through that checklist and get everything done, but we must put our wellbeing first. Please be kind to yourself.

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