Now Is the Time for Self-Improvement

Since the world is so crazy right now it can be hard to take a moment to pause and reflect on yourself. However, with an increase in free time for many people, now is the perfect summer to dedicate to self-improvement. There are so many ways that people can improve themselves,

but I want to highlight three important ways that I am implementing in my life this summer.

1. Educate Yourself

A great way to improve oneself is to learn about subjects that you haven’t had much time to look into before. Over the summer I am dedicating time to learn more about the racial injustices going on in America. This is something I have always wanted to devote a greater amount of time to and am grateful that I get the opportunity to do so now.

Along with this, I want to brush up on geography. This is a subject that I have become rusty on and want to feel more comfortable about. I am excited to be able to improve my geography skills over the summer and encourage everyone to find a subject that they may need to relearn.

2. Clean Your Surroundings

Being a senior, I will have to pack up my belongs at the end of the school year and move out of a place that I have been in for three years. Since I have the chance now, I have been cleaning and organizing my house, so I don’t have extra stress during a time when I am going to be much busier.

I am also taking this time to clean out my school supplies and desk space. This will allow me to have a better area to learn once school starts back up next semester. Decluttering your space is a great way to create a more comfortable environment that will alleviate some of the stress you may feel from school.

3. Build Your Relationships

Now is a great opportunity to improve your relationships with others. I find that when people have healthier relationships, they also have a healthier mindset. Take time to show people how special they are to you and have much you appreciate them. This will allow you to grow your compassion for others and create a stronger support system.

No matter what, try to dedicate some time this summer to improving yourself. You won’t regret it!

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