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Most Memorable Super Bowl Commercials of 2023

The Super Bowl is known for bringing people together over a good game, great food, and awesome commercials. It's always fun to see some of our favorite celebrities endorsing brands, both new and old. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year? Check out some of the most memorable commercials of Super Bowl LVII!

Tubi Interface Interruption

This commercial for Tubi had everyone on the edge of their seats. It tricked the Super Bowl fans into thinking someone had accidentally changed the channel and switched from the game to Tubi. This commercial has been talked about all over social media! Did you fall for the trick?

Great Acting or Great Taste? - Ben Stiller

Pepsi advertised their Zero Sugar drink by using two celebrity endorsers, Ben Stiller and Steve Martin. Above is the Ben Stiller version. The commercial showed Stiller in a few of his most famous roles, including Zoolander. Stiller gives acting tips and examples throughout the commercial before Pepsi is revealed at the end. People are loving this ad right now because of it’s creativity and well-liked celebrity endorsements!

Planters: Roast of Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut released a commercial during the Super Bowl roasting the logo of their brand, Mr. Peanut, himself. This was a clever commercial as it played on the double meaning of the work “roast” and entertained the audience by making silly jokes!

Sketchers x Snoop Dogg Big Game Commercial

Snoop Dogg endorsed Sketchers in their Super Bowl commercial this year. He’s a well-known and well-liked celebrity, so it caught the audience’s eye and made them trust Sketchers more as a brand.

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus showcases a lot of the characters from their most famous series in their Super Bowl commercial this year. They created a literal mountain to play on their name, “Paramount,” and had all of the characters hanging out on the mountain. This commercial grabbed the audience’s attention by showing their favorite characters and intrigued them by putting characters that don’t belong together in the same place.

From tricking the audience to incorporating favorite celebrities, the Super Bowl never fails to entertain the audience with new, creative content in the form of advertisements!

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