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Managing Week 5 Freak Outs

You have an exam tomorrow. A quiz at noon the next day, a project due at 2, and what feels like a million discussion posts. Everything starts picking up all at once. Week 5 of the semester always sneaks up on us, and the workload can quickly become overwhelming. Don’t let yourself fall into panic mode as stress levels rise! Here are a few tips, or reminders, to stay calm as classes get crazy.

1. Make a plan and follow through.

Don’t let the overwhelming feeling that you’re having lead you to procrastinate. Make a plan for yourself, write it down, and stick to it. It can be easier said than done, but starting the to-do list is the hardest part. Checking assignments off is a simple way to feel productive!

2. Do something for yourself.

Do you like to cook? Make your favorite meal. Spend time outside? Take a walk outside. Get creative? Print a fun coloring page for yourself. Allow yourself to have breaks. You deserve to have some “you time” in your day, and you’ll probably feel more productive and motivated when you return to your work after doing something that you enjoy!

3. Utilize campus resources.

JMU has so many amazing resources to help students manage stress. The JMU Counseling Center has self-care spaces called The Oasis and The Studio. The Oasis offers yoga mats, massage chairs, blankets, and more and The Studio provides resources for creative expression like paint brushes, canvases, and clay. Check out these self-care spaces and more JMU resources here:

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