Making the Most of Your Bluestone Experience

“Bluestone Communications prepares students to be educated and enlightened citizens by enhancing their hands-on education, broadening their professional network and helping them excel their careers after graduation.” This is our mission statement at Bluestone Communications, one of very few nationally affiliated student-run public relations firms in the country.

Bluestone Communications, and student agencies similar to it, teach future public relations professionals how to turn classroom lessons into real world solutions. It is an exciting time stepping into this experience, and it may quickly become one of the most rewarding of your college career. As Bluestone Communications prepares to welcome 25 new employees this fall, here are three ways to make the most of your Bluestone experience.

Create relationships with your team

Whether its Monday afternoon supplementary meetings, team breakout sessions on Wednesday nights, or the late night email chain about a certain project, you will realize how much time you spend with your teams. Don’t be afraid to create relationships and friendships with your teammates. In the future, those teammates may be a vital part of your professional network. Create and continue to keep the relationships you establish at Bluestone.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Bluestone Communications is a student agency that values collaboration and teamwork a lot. When coming into a new team setting, it can be nerve wracking working with people you have never met before. During the early weeks, a lot of the time will be spent planning out the strategies that will help accomplish client goals for the semester. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and speak up in those initial meetings! It can feel intimidating but no idea is a bad idea. Sharing those ideas unapologetically with your team may lead to the next big campaign for your client!

Step out of your comfort zone

What will make Bluestone one of the most unique experiences of your college career is the fact that you get to learn and take on so many projects you might have never done before. Your client needs a newsletter and you’ve never done one before? Take it, try it out. Really want to write a media pitch? Jump the moment one comes up. Don’t know how to do something? Every single employee at Bluestone Communications has a toolbox of skills and strengths they can share with you. Step out of your comfort zone, take your time at Bluestone as an opportunity to learn and grow.

The best gift I ever received from my time at James Madison University was the opportunity to work at this agency. To the returning and new Bluestonians ready to conquer the Fall 2021 semester – savor every moment and continue putting out amazing work. If one day you find yourself reflecting on your time at Bluestone Communications like myself remember: once a Bluestonian, always a Bluestonian.

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