Making the most of an uncertain summer

College students around the world are re-evaluating their options, settling for old summer jobs or just feeling disheartened. This pandemic has been anything but predictable and no one knows when it will run its course. Whether everything goes back to normal next month or next year, here are three tips to make the most of your summer regardless of circumstance:

  1. Build your portfolio.

If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, this is the perfect time to aesthetically present your skills and past experiences. Now might not be the best time to find a job or internship, but it's always the right time to set yourself up for one in the future.

You can create interactive and creative resumes with websites like Canva or Adobe Spark. You should also take time to complete your LinkedIn profile and build connections. Particularly if you have a lot of design work, deliverables or blog work, you may consider making a website to display your work.

  1. Volunteer your talents.

Internships aren't as readily-available as they used to be, but there are plenty of organizations who could benefit from PR work. Is there a local business that could use help with social media? Is there an organization that could use design work or a logo revamp? Ask.

Show them your portfolio and explain that you'd like to offer your communication services. This is a win-win for you and the organization, and in most cases, they'll say yes. You can't always afford to do free work, but when so much of the nation is out of work, accumulating work experience is a big deal, however you get it.

  1. Utilize free or affordable resources.

Rather than explaining why you should better yourself with these resources, I'll just link them:

PR-related programs and certifications

This summer is full of uncertainties, but no matter the circumstance, there is always the opportunity to better yourself. You just have to make the most of it.

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