Maintaining a Positive Outlook in Times of Uncertainty

Throughout our lives, there is no doubt that we will experience uncertainty. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable. We experience it in varying situations, such as applying to colleges or jobs, and we are currently experiencing it now as a society in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021. The year that is supposed to be distracting us from the craziness of 2020. Yet, it is already February and everything seems oddly the same compared to this time last year. Maybe a few differences in the weather and advancements with the creation and circulation of the COVID-19 vaccine, but we are still dealing with the unknown repercussions of this pandemic. This pandemic is a prime example of how necessary it is to be positive in times of uncertainty.

With COVID-19 affecting both our personal and professional lives, it is easy to dwell on everything that has been taken away from us, and that is okay and also unavoidable at times! We need to recognize the reality that we are living in. With that being said, we must not only think of the bad. We must also persevere and focus on all that we do have.

Being positive is not a personality trait but more so a mindset. Positivity is knowing that no matter what we are faced with in these times of uncertainty, we will get through it in some way or another. A positive outlook promotes a clear head when having to face any unforeseen obstacles thrown your way. Achieving and maintaining this positive mindset can be difficult when faced with uncertainty.

Here are my favorite ways to stay positive during these uncertain times:

1. Stay in contact with the people you care about.

Just because you may not be able to physically be with your loved ones, does not mean you cannot maintain a connection with them. Whether it is through texting, emailing, facetiming, etc., there are so many ways to stay connected with people via our phones and social media.

2. Keep busy with things that make you happy.

Keeping busy with a hobby or something you love is a great way to maintain positivity. Whether it is exercising, reading, cooking, etc., make sure to take time for yourself and continue doing the things that make you happy.

3. Do what is best for you.

Times of uncertainty bring out different sides of people that we may not be used to. People will have varying opinions on how to handle things, but remember to always do what is best for yourself in every given situation. Even though not everyone may agree with your decisions, and may have different beliefs, it is better to be comfortable with your decision than uncomfortable from following along with someone else's decision.

4. Take each day one day at a time

Day by day. Each day you will be faced with different circumstances. There will be days that are better than others. Some days you may have to work at keeping a positive outlook, and other days it will come naturally. Either way, taking each day one day at a time and not stressing about the uncertainty of the future sets you up for success in the long run.

5. Take advantage of the unique opportunities

With a lot of schools being closed and many jobs being work from home, parents are having so much more time to be around their children. Although this can be overwhelming when everyone is trying to get things done throughout the day, this is also a unique opportunity that can be great for families. Take advantage of this extra time with one another.

Having a positive outlook in times of uncertainty is no easy feat. It takes hard work and determination, but ultimately benefits our perspective, attitude, and mindset in the long run. If you are struggling with the uncertainty of our world right now, know that you are not alone in this. I urge you to try to think about all that you have and are grateful for, and acknowledge that everyone is experiencing this sense of uncertainty. People may be handling it in different ways, but please know that we will get through this together and come out stronger in the end.

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