Learning to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” – Unknown

As I progress through college, this quote resonates with me more and more. Now that I am just three semesters away from being tossed into the real-world, I am taking every opportunity to develop myself professionally. I have made it a point during my time at JMU to step out of my comfort zone, both in my class work and building my resume. However, I have not always been so daring. Before college, I constantly doubted my abilities. When working with groups, I played the role of the quiet group member who always did her part but never shared her thoughts. I focused more on comparing myself to my peers than allowing myself to think differently.

Fast forward to college and I discovered how constricting these thoughts were on my creativity. Sharing creative work exposes a vulnerable side of us to the world, allowing anyone to pass judgements on our ideas. This is something that terrified me as a high school student, but college has taught me to embrace it.

As a public relations major, I have realized how rewarding it can be to take risks outside of my comfort zone. I am writing this blog post because I took a risk and applied to join Bluestone Communications. As a result, I am surrounded by some of the most talented communication students at JMU and gaining hands-on experience working for a student-run PR firm.

If there is one thing I have learned in my public relations coursework, it’s that ideas in the realm of comfortable or normal will not take you very far. We are taught this because in the PR industry you have to be different. A journalist has no interest in reading an average press release. A PR agency with ordinary campaigns and mediocre ideas will go unrecognized.

Bluestone Communications embodies the meaning behind this quote as we strive to be energized, informed, and bold. These three words are so simple and yet, motivate us all to work with purpose and think outside of the box. In an industry overflowing with creative minds, being unique is key.

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