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Internship Season: How to Thrive as an Intern in New York City By: Mackenzie Van Dam

Some people say that New York City at Christmas is the most magical time of the year but I would argue that being a summer Intern in New York City is just as magical. 

Internship season can be daunting. Right after the lengthy process of searching, interviewing, and finally accepting an internship, you go from college to an office. New York City has become a summer internship hotspot for college students and it can be challenging to adjust to the hustle and bustle of the big city. After interning for a full summer with Good Karma Brands representing ESPN in the New York market, here are three tips I learned that helped me thrive during my summer internship in NYC: 

Be confident

One of the first things I was told on my daily internship commute from New Jersey to NYC was “walk with confidence”. You may be thinking, “how will walking with confidence help me thrive in my internship?” but walking with confidence is just the start. Confidence while interning in the big city is a mix of the trust you have in yourself to be successful and the way you carry yourself. One of the biggest tips I learned while interning in the city is if you do everything with confidence, even if you are unsure, you will figure it out. Walk with confidence, talk with confidence, and ask questions with confidence. If you get on the wrong subway, that’s okay, be confident you will get the next one. Take that confidence into every meeting, interview, and event.

Take advantage of every opportunity

New York City is home to just about any opportunity you can think of. The city is full of impressive events that are great learning experiences that allow you the opportunity to meet people. Volunteer yourself to help out at events or take notes during meetings. During the busy summer months, be willing to make yourself available. I got to help at events like Jets Training Camp, ESPN NY Charity Golf events as well as staff meetings because I volunteered and made myself available.

Connect with everyone you meet 

It is vital during your summer internship to connect and network with everyone you meet. Summer internships in the big apple may connect you with the most important people you will ever meet throughout your career. Whether you’re interning at your dream job or trying out a new internship opportunity, make a lasting impression on the staff. I learned during my internship that thank-you emails go a very long way and are a great way to keep in contact with colleagues. Be sure to connect with them on Linkedin and keep in contact with them after your internship because, especially in New York City, everyone has contacts and connections everywhere.  

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