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How to “Spring Clean” your LinkedIn Profile

Spring has officially sprung which means it’s time for the big annual spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is important not just for your closet and home but also for your LinkedIn profile. It’s important to start the season with an updated LinkedIn profile that showcases all you have accomplished throughout the year. Here are 5 tips on how to clean up your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Stay up to Date

A good starting place when spring cleaning is updating your LinkedIn profile. Did you start a new job? Gain a new skill? Earn a new degree? If you did, add it to your profile! It can be easy to forget to add all of your accomplishments so take time to check over your profile and make sure you have all of your information up to date.

2. Take a New Profile Picture

Start off this new season with a new profile picture. Think of your profile picture as a first impression. Make sure your picture represents how you want people to see you. Some important tips to remember are you are the subject of your picture, dress professionally and make sure your photo is clear.

3. Makeover your Summary

Your personal summary, just like your profile information, may need some updating. Revamp your summary by adding in all of your new skills and accomplishments. Also, use this summary as a place where you can show your writing skills and a bit of your personality.

4. Clean Out Old Jobs

It can be tricky to part with your old jobs on your profile however those old jobs can be unnecessary and cause clutter. Clean out past part-time jobs that are no longer relevant or short-term jobs you held in high school or college.

5. Showcase You

Rember to make all aspects of your profile reflect who you are as a person and a professional. Show some of your unique personality in your LinkedIn Profile. Use your bio, colors and passions as a way to highlight who you are.

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