How to Be the Most Successful Version of Yourself This Semester

With spring semester officially kicking off, the first few weeks or so are all about adjusting to a new schedule, familiarizing yourself with a new workload, and figuring out the expectations of new professors. If you find yourself still struggling to get the hang of everything you have going on this semester, this blog is for you!

While many students are dealing with classes being both online and in-person, this semester is anything but ordinary, and still different than the last. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, where many of us are granted more freedom to create our own routine and with less structure of attending in-person classes or meetings, it can be difficult to stick to a schedule on your own. However, I found that creating a routine has helped me feel better mentally and allowed me to prioritize what needs to get done. It is never too late to get into a routine, to become your most successful self, and the best ways I have found to do that for myself are broken down below:

  1. Get a planner or calendar and write down any and all upcoming meetings, tests, and assignment deadlines. This will save you from the worry of missing anything important, and also allow you to plan ahead if you have something big coming up.

  2. Stick to a sleep schedule. This can be an extremely challenging task to stick to in college, but it really does pay off. Going to bed at the same time every night has allowed me to ensure that I am getting the proper amount of sleep (which is vital for recovery and reducing stress and anxiety), as well as allowing me to be as productive as I can throughout the day. Waking up at the same time every day also allows me to avoid days where I sleep in later than I should in order to allow me to get a good head start on my daily tasks.

  3. Make time to do things for yourself. This could include anything from going to the gym, running errands, or making time to hang out with friends. No matter how hard you work, no one can sit at their desk for twelve hours straight every day of the week. Allowing time for breaks will give you time to clear your head and let off some steam, instead of getting frustrated or procrastinating on assignments.

  4. Plan the night before. Recently, I started creating a to-do list for myself before bed every night. This list includes any assignments I need to work on, classes or meetings I will be attending the next day, as well as any errands I need to run or any other tasks I need to make time for. Writing it all down has prevented me from forgetting anything, and has given me more motivation to get things done; checking off even the smallest tasks on your list can be such a satisfying feeling!

With all of this in mind, everyone breaks their routine at some point or another and sticking to a strict schedule is not the easiest task so do not beat yourself up over it! It is all about figuring out what works best for you so that you can prioritize and plan ahead. Creating a routine that works for you is sure to set yourself up for your most successful semester yet!

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