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Finding the Balance in College

Throughout my college career, one thing I often struggled with was finding the balance between my academic and my social life. There were plenty of days where I just did not have the motivation to focus on my studying, especially over the past year or two when our entire world got turned on its head, leading me to procrastinate and cause both my academic and social lives to suffer. What I have found over these past few years are some ways to maintain the balance and while they may sound simple, they certainly did the job for me.

Change your perspective. There were countless times when I got tired of endlessly staring at my screen throughout late 2020 and early 2021. To make matters worse, plenty of places were closed because of the pandemic. These circumstances forced me to change my outlook on life. Sometimes, taking a different approach and more positive approach to life can help you find your balance.

Listen to music and/or take a short walk. One way I have found that helps center my thoughts and prioritize my day is listening to music. It helped me clear my mind and center my thoughts and it just might do the same for you. I have also always found walking has helped me clear my mind and refocus my thoughts.

Plan out your day. This helped me out the most. As someone who finds themselves either stuck wanting to do either absolutely nothing or absolutely everything, it really helped me out if I planned out my day in advance and kept to a schedule.

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