Finding My Major: Choosing Who I Wanted To Be

When I was in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Crazy, right?

I was jealous of my friends who knew they wanted to go to med school, who knew they wanted to be teachers, who knew what it was they wanted to pursue. But as college application deadlines creeped closer and closer, and as I repeatedly checked the “undecided” box for my desired major, I felt a certain pressure to define my path as quickly as possible.

As I made my way through freshmen year of college, being exposed to so many unique individuals and classes (shoutout GenEd program), I soon realized something spectacularly freeing. I did not need to decide what I wanted to be so much as I needed to decide who I wanted to be. I realized that pursuing the right skills and experiences that highlight the best qualities of my own personality should be my goal. This would lead me in a fulfilling direction not defined by a job title or career status but by the quality of my personal aspirations.

So how did I arrive at Communications and Public Relations?

When I considered my own characteristics and what I desired most in a potential career, I came across three words connecting the two: authenticity, versatility, and challenge. And all three of these qualities I found in Public Relations.


I have always been a “people person” and find the idea of “perspective” intriguing. We all walk through this thing called life, but never in the exact same way, and such a concept creates in me a longing for understanding. Whether it be in relationships, or simply the way I carry myself, I strive to be real. This is the most effective way to form lasting connections to the world and the people around us. Public Relations is, in itself, a connecting entity. It brings people together, encourages engagement, and depends upon authentic communication to be effective.


I have always loved the idea of “change” and find new experiences exciting. I am always searching for new restaurants, new events, and- most importantly- new ways to grow as an individual. My willingness and ability to try new things, I believe, prepares me for a career that is as open to change as I am. In Public Relations, there are endless possibilities for clients, for events, for writing, and more. Having a versatile set of skills allows practitioners to adapt to the needs of their ever-changing professional environments, and it gives them the freedom and confidence to work in diverse fields at any given moment.


I have always been self-motivated when it comes to academics and extracurriculars. When I do something, it is to the best of my ability, and when I want something, I will work for it. Public Relations is a challenge because very few things- media relations, community involvement, etc- are simply given. Practitioners must be diligent to find the best information, form the best relationships, and be the best ethical versions of themselves. It is not a field where a lack of diligence is rewarded.

Overall, I'm grateful that I found a way to converge personality and purpose into a major and career path that cultivate relationships, adaptability, and resilience. Furthermore, I'm looking forward to putting my skills and dedication to work at Bluestone Communications this spring!

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