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Experience Builds Skill

We’ve all been told to get involved in our college, whether it be getting a job or joining a club. As design majors, taking advantage of student jobs and executive-level roles in clubs or organizations is key. The responsibilities and skills you learn from these positions will lay the foundation for job opportunities in the future. Here are a few of the skills I have gained from my on-campus employment and club involvement:

1. Most importantly, creating your portfolio!


Design majors, and any art-related major in general, must have a strong portfolio to succeed. You should always strive for good grades, but most employers focus on your portfolio. Working on design for a campus job or club is a great way to start building your portfolio early in your career. The content you create for these roles will be great additions to your portfolio and might just help you land your first job.

2. Communicate early and often!


Working on a team, you will quickly realize the importance of communication. No matter the medium, clear and concise information is a must when working in design. The design process itself may takes months of communication until a final product is created. Being able to communicate and take feedback on projects is necessary to create the highest-quality deliverables possible.

3. Manage. Your. Time.


It is one of the most basic bits of advice, but that’s for a reason. The only thing we can’t get back in life is time. Design work will take up a huge amount of time, so it is important to divide up time for your work and time for yourself. The best designs come from inspiration, which is fueled by passion and desire to create. If you are feeling burnt out, there is no inspiration for your work. Making sure your time is used efficiently, even to simply relax, will allow you to work to the best of your ability.

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