Excel as a Rising PR Practitioner - Go-To’s and Must Reads

As hopeful public relations practitioners, there’s a laundry list of to-dos. Maintain a good GPA, get involved in clubs, complete multiple internships, form networking connections, generate strong portfolio content and more. With so much to achieve, it is easy to forget the importance of staying up to date on trends, news and the public relations industry. In order to balance business updates, news stories, social media strategies, brand trends and more, there are a variety of resources you can utilize. 

For specific public relations updates, I recommend PR Week. A website devoted solely to public relations news and opportunities, one can browse the website or subscribe to email updates. Another strong website that has articles and daily emails is PR Daily. Ranging across multiple industries, it provides insight into trends and news happening in the creative world. If you prefer podcasts, check out Young PR Pros. Specifically geared towards young PR professionals, this podcast includes a variety of tips for productivity and success in the public relations world. Another great tool is the Agencies of the Future podcast from PR Council, led by leaders in top agencies with discussion on preparing for the future of PR.

While staying on top of the PR industry is important, it is also necessary to know what is going on in the world. Knowledge of the news can help you cultivate relevant stories as well as help you manage any crises that may affect your clients. Through subscribing to news updates from sources like The New York Times and The Skimm, you can receive daily emails with top news stories and necessary world information. For news in podcast form, check out NPR News Now, a five minute update on world news uploaded every hour. 

Hundreds of tools exist to help you stay up to date on the world around you. Choose just a few resources to read or listen to - your future self will thank you!

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