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Dukes Dominate: James Madison University Football Undefeated and Unstoppable By: Laila Westcott

The world of college football is in an uproar about the JMU Dukes right now. On November 6, 2022, JMU Athletics officially announced their transition to the Sun Belt Conference. They ultimately knew this would result in the football team not being able to compete in any championship or bowl games, yet they still made the transition. Jeff Bourne, JMU’s current Athletics Director, even went to put in a request to the NCAA for an immediate transition to play in championships and bowl games after the Dukes went 8-3 for their 2022 season. This request was denied, but the Dukes knew now was the chance to fight for it in their 2023 season.

Right now, The James Madison Dukes are 10-0 in the Sun Belt Conference. Let's go down the list of these amazing Duke wins!

Bucknell University: The Dukes beat Bucknell 38-3 for their season opener.

University of Virginia: The Dukes beat UVA 36-35 in the ultimate battle of Virginia.

Troy University: The Dukes beat Troy 16-14.

Utah State: The Dukes beat Utah 45-38.

South Alabama: During family weekend, the Dukes had an upset and won 31-23.

Georgia Southern University: The Dukes ultimately blew out Southern 41-13.

Marshall University: Thursday night blowout 20-9. Old Dominion University: In another battle of Virginia, the Dukes won 30-27.

Georgia State University: In another blowout, the Dukes win 43-14.

UConn University: 44-6, the Dukes displayed why they’re the best team in the SBC right now.

This has honestly been an incredible season for the football program. From players reaching their highest career stats to JMU being ranked Top 18 in the AP Top 25 polls for the first time in program history. Even working within the athletics communication department, the expectations have been exceeded and everyone is so proud of this journey. As a girl who loves sports, it is always a great day to be a Duke!

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