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Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Celebrating my graduation day with my friend, Morgan.
June 18, 2015- My friend, Morgan, and I at high school graduation.

It was a crisp, spring morning in New England as I was leading the marching band around curbs when I realized I was ready to move on. I was ready to move on from small town life in Connecticut that is. I couldn't exactly put my finger on why I had come to that conclusion. Maybe it was the fact that it was April and my car still had frost on it every morning. Or maybe it was the fact that I had known everyone in my class by name since third grade. All I could tell you was that Portland High School was only the beginning. And from that cold spring morning on, I kept reminding myself that these days were the end to my beginning.

Fast forward a year later to graduation day. It was hot, sticky and threatened by thunderstorms. Despite the threat of moving graduation inside, I was the most optimistic I had ever been in my 18 years of life.

August 2015 I packed up and headed eight hours south to James Madison University in the hills of the Shenandoah Valley. It was at JMU where I saw myself grow as a student and as a person. Here is a short list of the things that have shaped me during my time at JMU:

1. My family, friends, classmates, professors, and roommates (future bridesmaids when the time comes)

2. Studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea

3. Celebrating 2 ESPN College Football Gameday

4. Discovering the excitement of public relations

4.5 Discovering the beauty in media design

5. Trying out things I normally wouldn't like swing dance

6. Exploring my faith through Young Life College

7. Being given trust to work with real clients to produce real and meaningful content

8. Learning to write down everything, even if I was sure I was going to remember it

9. Flying home to check up on good old Portland

So here we are today. I'm writing this blog post on the 4th floor of the library overlooking the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. I am fueled by the hope that I am doing all the right things to set me up for a successful career (and fueled by coffee of course). JMU will be a tough act to follow but I'm optimist for the change and growth that lies ahead. I hope that my first job is jam packed with high expectations, open minded people, thrilling clients and maybe some international traveling. But in the mean time catch me cracking jokes in Harrisonburg.

Cheers to the future!

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